Neophema elegans
5 000 rub.

Elegant parrot, orElegant grass-parakeet, orGrass parrot(Neophema elegans)

Phylum —chordata
Class — aves
Order — psittaciformes
Family — psittaculidae

Genus – neophema


The Elegant parrot is 23 cm (9.1 in) long and predominantly golden olive in color with a dark blue frontal band line above with lighter blue, while abdomen and vent are yellow. The female is a duller shade of olive all over and has a narrower blue frontal band. The wings are predominantly olive with outer flight feathers dark blue. The yellow edged tail has shades of olive and blue. The bill and legs are grey and the eyes dark brown. Juveniles are duller and lack the frontal bands.


The Elegant parrot is found in two disjunct regions, one across southwestern Australia from Moora in the north to Merredin and Esperance in the east, and in southeastern South Australia (including Kangaroo Island) north to Marree, and east into western Victoria.


Generally quiet birds. Voice mostly in the evening and morning. During flights a sharp whistling note may be heart. While feeding, one may hear a soft twittering.


In their natural habitat, these parakeets eat grass seeds and herbaceous plants, as well as seasonally available fruits, blossoms, fruit and flower buds, and various plant and vegetable matter. Insects (and their larvae) may also form part of their diet.


Breeding season is anywhere from July to November or after rainfall, with one or occasionally two broods raised depending on rainfall. A hollow higher than 15 m (49 ft) above the ground in a tree, usually a eucalypt along a watercourse or stringybark forest, is utilized for nesting, and a clutch of four to six round white eggs measuring 21 x 18 mm is laid there.

In captivity

Their longevity is common for birds this size, and they will live for 10 or more years.

There is a common belief that Elegant parrot might require a bit of extra attention. This might not be completely true, as these parakeets are not too demanding as pets. Just provide good basic care and plenty of interaction. Also, ensure a lot of freedom, and you will quickly realize that these little parrots require so little to thrive.

Foundation of a good diet for your pet should be one of the common commercial seed mixes for small parakeets. Add plenty of finely chopped fresh fruits and vegetables, and there you have it - a basic diet for an Elegant parrot.

Another important aspect of good care is free flight. Elegant parrot who is stuck in a cage for a lot of time during the day can succumb to apathy, illness, and even death. You must provide a lot of free flight during the day and social interaction. Building a relationship with your pet is paramount.